Alisbeth bounced down the stairs of the Legerdemain Lounge, she had no plans, so was going to walk around Dalaran to try and find something exciting.

The bar area was almost deserted except for a female Blood Elf and the bartender, Arille Azuregaze. Sunlight was streaming through the windows and open doors, and the bit of street Alisbeth could see, seemed just as empty as the Lounge. Hearing Ali’s less than quiet entrance, Arille’s eyes met hers and he motioned her over.

“Just who I wanted to see! I need your help, if you aren’t off on one of your mysterious adventures.” Arille’s smile was warm and he did look as if he wanted her to stay, which the opposite of Mel’s usual expression when she saw Alisbeth. For some reason the female bartender just didn’t like Ali, maybe it was because Alisbeth had thrown a spoon at her.

“I didn’t do it! I mean…of course I didn’t….I don’t do things like that!” Ali was quick to say, as she slid onto a stool near the mystery woman. Alisbeth’s hand reached out to stroke the woman’s hair. It was like flowing silver, curling and tumbling over her shoulders and back. Before her hand made contact, Alisbeth stopped and whispered to herself, “Annabanana said that was inappropriate.”

The bartender smiled again at Alisbeth, quite used to her antics. “No no, nothing wrong…I just need you to taste something for me. I was thinking, I know you like some interesting drinks, and I thought maybe we could feature some of the flavors. So I asked my friend to help, and we need your help.”

“Ohhhhhh, you made ME Drinks?! Can I name them? Can I try them? What did you make? Are they pretty? Do they have little heads in them? Can they have little heads in them? “ Ali virtually bounced on her stool.

The mystery woman turned her head and twitched her lips in a sort of smile. Her skin still looked fresh and pink, but there was a deep black and purple bruise circling her throat, and her eyes held the familiar icy glow of the Death Knights.

Alisbeth’s eyes flashed a moment of panic as she scrambled back off the stool. ‘I’m not going back! Kolty said I don’t have to.”

The woman blinked, “Who is Kolty, and back…where? And if you don’t want to go, don’t go.” Her voice was husky and somewhat strained, as if her throat hurt her. As she spoke it appeared that only her lips moved, like the rest of her face was almost frozen in place.

Arielle quickly spoke up, “No, Ms. Redblade! This is my friend, Sinieya. She’s going to help us taste the drinks. She likes some interesting flavors too, like you.”

“I do, ever since this …” she gestured towards her face and throat, “I can’t taste some things, like wine…I miss wine. So, Arille has been trying to find things for people with the same problem you and I have. And, we get to help, because we are his favorites and we’re cute. At least, that’s what he claims; I personally think he can’t convince anyone else.” Sinieya’s lips again flashed that partial smile, it was as if her face couldn’t remember how to make the shape.

“Ohhhh….oh….so, you’re like me. Can we be friends? I have three friends now, well…maybe just two. I’m not sure what Gre…Grimory is. But Anchovy and Kolty are my friends. I think.” Alisbeth slid back onto the stool, smiling brightly.

“Sure …let’s drink! Ari! Let’s try that first one, with the Dalapeno!”

Alisbeth spun on the stool once around while Arielle placed two glasses full of what looked like Dalapeno juice in front of the two girls. The margarita glasses were rimmed with salt, with a sliced dalapeno and lemon wheel on a stick stuck to the side.

Both girls took a sip …..

“Holy crap Ari! What is this? Half Tequila and the other half Dalapeno? I love it!” Sinieya’s eyes were watering slightly.

Alisbeth’s drink was half gone when she set it down, she popped the Dalapeno slice in her mouth and started sucking on it. “More! “

“What should we call that one, Ladies? Epidemic or Bursting Sores?”

“Bursting Sores! That one sounds good! “ Alisbeth immediately responded.

‘Yeah, or if you set it on fire…Burning Sores!” Sinieya laughed.

“Ohhhh…can you set it on fire?! Let’s do that! Set it on fire!!!” Ali clapped.

“Ohhh okay. I can do that.” Arielle wrote something down. “Ok, this next one I know is one of Alisbeth’s favorites.” He set two shot glasses filled with amber liquid in front of them.

Both girls picked up the glasses and clicked them together, just enough to make a noise and downed the liquid.

“Cinnamon! You remembered!” Alisbeth spun on her stool.

“Oh, I like that, I never thought of putting Cinnamon in whiskey.” Sinieya again flashed that small smile.

“What should we call it? Something spicy?” Arille picked up his quill, ready to write down their suggestions.

“I think Ms. Redblade should name this one. I’m sorry, I don’t think Ari actually told me your first name. I’m Sinieya.”

“Alisbeth Redblade, at your service! How about….we call it….Bloodmist! And put an apple with it! Koltira has a horse named Bloodmist, but she likes me more, and she loves apples!”

“Oh, good one! We don’t have anything with apples, I bet that will be great around the Harvest Festival.” Arielle made another note in his book, and started to prepare the next drink.

‘So, that’s the second time you’ve mentioned this …Koltira person. Name sounds familiar, but I’m not putting a face to it.” Sinieya said, while watching Alisbeth try and make a sword out of drinking straws.

“Hmmmm? Oh he was my…wait…I’m not sure I can tell you…but it’s done, so why not? Huh, well we were married. Then he went and got himself stuck under the Dark Bitch’s thumb, and I wasn’t in a good place. But now, he is with Atropos, and I’m …not with him.” Having finished making her straw sword, Alisbeth starts to impale fruit from the garnish dish.

“Ok, Ladies. This one might need some work.” Arielle placed a pilsner glass full of a creamy red and white swirled liquid.

“Strawberries?” Sinieya guessed.

Alisbeth slid the drink towards her and took a long drink from the straw, her cheeks caved in as she tried to pull the liquid into the straw faster. “Gaaaahhhhhhhh.” She let out a small scream and held her head. “‘Too fast…to fast…too cold!”

Both Sinieya and Arielle covered their mouths to hide their snickers. Alisbeth had given herself brain freeze from the drink.

“It’s minty.” Alisbeth gasped.

Sinieya took a cautious sip. “Mmm..Mint, but not quite enough. It’s like….I sucked a candy cane an hour ago and then drank some water.”

Arielle frowned and again made notes in his book. “Seven candy canes not enough. I’ll need to get some actual mint. Okay Ladies, those three are all I have, I may need you in the future, but we’re going to start featuring your drinks in a couple days. Bring your friends!”

“Ohhh I am going to make Grim drink a Burning Sores!” Alisbeth laughed and clapped.

Sinieya laughed, and slid her milkshake closer, it wasn’t bad, just not quite enough, but by now she was used to tastes mere shadows and suggestions of what she remembered.

Alisbeth sat and chatted with the other two for a while longer, telling them about strange adventures she had with Koltira, a mage, who’s name kept changing, and Grimory who was a demon hunter. Sometimes her cheeks seemed to flush when she interrupted herself talking about things she and Grimory had done on their adventures.

Sinieya then told the other two about some adventures she had been on, as the day wore on the two female Death Knights and the bartender all told stories that got crazier as they drank more.