The Beast and the Harlot

Anarchaia stirred and groaned. “Ugh…” She grabbed at the rung of the metal cage and lifted herself to a stand. Her bruised bones creaked in protest. “What…what happened?”

The world swirled and pulsed around her. She’d been drained of mana. The scene earlier flowed into her head all at once. They—Kel’ori, Alisbeth, and she—had been infiltrating a cave to find prisoners, but were ambushed by an inquisitor and innumerable imps. She reached through the bars of her cage and toyed with the padlock, but she hadn’t even the energy to unlock it. Anarchaia groaned. “Are you all right?”

“Are you kidding?” came a shriek from the cage on the opposite side of Alisbeth’s. “They broke my fucking nail! Ugh! I just got them done!”

Anarchaia pursed her lips. “All right, good.”

Kel’ori scoffed and dusted herself off. “I can’t believe we got caught. I thought the Great and Powerful Anarchaia was better than this.”

The mage sneered and sank back to her knees. “I’m not omnipotent. I’m prone to surprise attacks. And you could have done something.

“I guess I should have,” Kel’ori snapped and dug into her pack for her nail file. “Since you two are so useless. You can’t even lose a bit of mana without passing—”

Grim!!” Alisbeth jumped on the balls of her feet and reached through the bars for the demon hunter as he rounded the corner. “My hero!”

Grimory perked and ran forward. “Oh, good. Y’all are still alive.” He tugged at one of the locks and hummed in frustration.

“Oh, Grimory!” Kel’ori sang and grasped the bars of her cage with a hand while waving with the other. “Thank gods you came. Be a doll and rip off this door with your huge, rippling muscles, hmm?”

Grimory chuckled and shook his head. “I may be strong but not that strong.” He turned for the room’s exit. “I’m sure there are keys around here somewhere. I’ll be—”

A tall, floating figure cut him off at the doorway. It’s skull-like face surrounded by horns glared down. Grimory quickly reacted with hulking, black claws, but the inquisitor easily slid out of the way.

<<A hunter. You must be harboring one lost within that pathetic body,>> it hissed in Eredun. A swirling green light appeared and from it flew a smoking eye, it’s red pupil peering about. It locked on Grimory.

The Illidari stopped mid-stride and lowered his claws.

Grim, don’t look!” Anarchaia cried from the opposite side of the room.

But it was too late.

<<Release him,>> the inquisitor growled, lifting a gnarled, clawed hand.

Grimory cried out sharply and grit his teeth. Emerald energies eked from his pores and his skin stretched as his muscles swelled. Horns poked through his arms, forehead, and tore through his leather breeches while the ones curled beside his face curled further. Skeletal wings with tattered, torn flesh hanging between the spines stretched outward and up. His boots burst at the seams as clawed toes broke free of them.

He chuckled darkly. <<Thanks.>> He sliced the floating eye as easily as a fruit and, in almost the same motion, grasped the inquisitor by the throat.

<<Kath’rozak!>> he croaked, clawing at the hardened flesh of the demon’s claw.

<<That’s General Spinewing to you, vermin.>> A crunch followed by the tearing of flesh rang throughout the room as Spinewing tore the inquisitor’s head from his shoulders. He tossed both pieces to the dirt.

Disgusting!” Kel’ori hissed, dropping her file.

Disgusting,” Alisbeth echoed as though in a dream, running her fingers down the metal bars.

Spinewing turned. His slit pupils scanned over the three cages until finally coming to rest on the busty blond on the end. <<A new one.>> He stepped forward, smoke flickering from his nostrils. <<And this one doesn’t smell as awful as the dead mage.>>

Kel’ori shied away from the door, fiddling with her hair nervously. “I-I haven’t fully learned Eredun yet, but if you said what I think you said, thank you.” She flinched as the demon grabbed the door with a massive claw. The metal screeched as it bent and tore from the hinges. It crashed against the far wall. “Oh gods, thanks so much, Grim!” She stepped forward and rested a delicate hand on his forearm.

“That’s not Grim,” Anarchaia said quietly from her end.

“Get away!” Alisbeth shouted, waving an arm. “He’s really strong and tall and hot but he’s a big meanie!”

Kel’ori furrowed her golden brows in confusion. She looked up at the demon towering over her and was suddenly filled with fear.

Stop! Get away from her! Run, Kel’ori! Spinewing grinned, his large fangs poking at his cheeks. He grabbed her by the waist as she took a step back and the girl chirped in surprise. “I like blonds,” he growled in Thalassian, his breath smelling of brimstone and blood.

Kel’ori’s eyes widened. “L-Like?” She cried out as she was thrown to the ground. She scooted away on her backside as he advanced. “S-Stay away!” She hurled a small shard of ice at his face. He merely flinched.

He lowered to crawl after her on his knuckles and toes, more beast than man, and chuckled. He grabbed her by the ankle and pulled her to him.

She shrieked and was immediately silenced with a burning hand around her throat. A groan sounded within her chest as a hot, wet tongue swirled across her cheek. She whimpered. “I’ll do…whatever you…want…” she choked.

“Yes, you will.” Spinewing slammed her back against the dirt and relished in her squeal of pain.

Leave her alone!” Alisbeth shrieked.

But he paid her no mind. He tore Kel’ori’s robes from her body, leaving them in tatters on the floor and her in nothing but her lacy panties and brassiere. With a claw he burned through the cloth between her breasts and they sprung free. No! What are you doing?!

Kel’ori jumped and bit her lip when his long, mutated tongue curled around her bosom. “Oh gods,” she whined, then cried out when her head hit the ground again. She kicked feebly but her sandals found only hard, unmoving flesh.

His tongue played at her nipple, then slid down, through the valley of her stomach, and into the hem of her underclothes. Stop, you fucking monster! Stop or I’ll destroy both of us!

An involuntary groan escaped her throat as the slippery appendage slid across her button and into her folds; she clamped her thighs shut. Her inner thigh muscles screamed as he pried them apart again.

“It’s been a while,” he breathed against her breast while his tongue worked against her most sensitive spot. “How torturous it is to watch this rat have all the fun.” FUCKING LISTEN TO ME.

Kel’ori moaned despite barely being able to breathe and despite the fear and disgust in her stomach. “Please stop,” she whispered and squirmed. Her nails scratched harmlessly at his arms and chest.

“You know, you actually look somewhat familiar.” Spinewing reached down and burned away the strings of her panties, then tore open the front of his constricting breeches.

Kel’ori’s eyes widened on the half-engorged organ hanging between them and she kicked more. “No, please!” she managed to cry.

“My favorite words,” the demon groaned and released her throat—leaving burns on her skin—to curl his claws around her hips. His tongue retracted into his mouth and he positioned the head of his armored, thorny member against her lower lips. I’m so sorry…

“No,” Alisbeth whimpered through her tears.

Anarchaia found her hand and weakly grasped it through the bars. “Don’t watch, Ali…”

“Stop! Please!” Kel’ori pounded at his hands and scratched more. “It won’t fi—!!” Her screams filled the cavern as he thrust into her, stretching her further than she’d ever been.

Smoke billowed from Spinewing’s nose and lips as he groaned in satisfaction. <<Oh, yesss…>> Despite the resistance he pushed further in and Kel’ori cried out again.

“It hurts!” Tears smeared her makeup. “Please!” She yelped when her head bounced against the floor again.

No. Stop, please! He drove into her again and again, taking in her cries as his member crushed against her back wall. I’ll do anything you want. Just stop! Smoke fluttered upward with each grunt. He leaned down to again wrap his tongue around a breast as it jerked with each entrance.

Kel’ori pulled at the invading tendril but it held fast. She turned her head away and opted instead to scratch at the dirt. It was all she could do to keep her pleading words behind her grit teeth lest he smash her head again.

“Given up already?” he hissed.

Kel’ori opened her mouth to respond but once again cried out as her head hit the earth. His tongue abandoned her breast to push into her open mouth and tangle with hers. She bit down, but its mass was so much that her teeth barely sank into the strong muscle.

Blood and juices dribbled from her lower lips and over her hind cheeks. His thrusting grew so hard, so careless, that her breasts began to ache from the jostling. She whimpered when he withdrew his tongue to lean down and rest his teeth against her neck; the appendage instead slithered down to curl around the small bud at her aching sex.

“Moan, whore.”

And she did, the pain in her loins subsiding enough to feel the pleasure of each stroke of her external nub. She arched her back, ashamed and disgusted with herself. When he laughed, the smoke of his breath swirled around her face and she nearly choked.


She mewled again as her button was squeezed and toyed with.

He laughed and straightened again. His tongue slid back into his throat and his claws poked at her flesh. She cried out beneath him when he increased his pace. Their thighs crashed into one another. More fluids joined the rest in the dirt. Both bodies gleamed with sweat.

He thrust into her as hard as his hips would allow, nearly to the hilt, and groaned low and husky. Silence filled his head.

“Not inside!” Kel’ori cried out at the fresh pain, tears streaming down her cheeks and into her ears and hair. She could feel him swell within her and heat filled her belly. “No…” Her nails dug into the dirt and she grit her teeth when he thrust into her again. Once. Twice. Then a final time as the proof of his deed spilled from their joined parts and into the pool of blood and feminine juices on the cave floor.

He pulled out, member slick, and grabbed her by the ankle. With the ease of a child with a ragdoll, he turned her over.

Kel’ori whimpered as her cheek hit the dirt. She yelped as her hair was ripped back.


She did as commanded, her arms shaking as they held her up. A sob fell from her mouth as he pushed back into her throbbing, bruised nethers. “No more…”

Spinewing wrenched again at her hair and snarled. “You talk as much as your cowering child of a brother.” He yanked again and she cried out. Please… A laugh rumbled from his throat as he watched the shockwaves of his drives ripple through her backside. His nails dug fresh marks into her stomach. The thought of his master’s face upon seeing what he was doing entered his mind and his smile widened; it spurred him to thrust harder, slower. “Pathetic.”

Kel’ori simply stared at the far wall, whimpering with each crash against her hind end and tears dripping from her chin. She could feel her hair against her sticky cheeks. He drove into her particularly hard and her elbow gave out. Before she could hit the ground, he pulled her back up by her tresses and she cried out for the umpteenth time.

The demon hummed in approval of her agony. After many minutes of pushing against the entrance of her womb with length to spare, he growled and pulled out.

Kel’ori whined and turned her head slightly to see what he was planning, a glimmer of hope that it was over fluttering within her, then yelped as she was thrown forward into the dirt. She sobbed when he ground her cheek into the soil, dirt and sediment sticking in her eyelashes.

Panic rang through her when she felt him press against her other opening. She flailed and clawed again at his hand. “No, stop! Not there!” Her voice came as a stuttered scream as she was, again, stretched beyond her limits. Hot pain shot through her like lightning and fresh tears sprung to her eyes.

Spinewing again groaned with pleasure as he pushed, further and further, until he was completely sheathed. He sighed a cloud of smoke. “Much better.”

The elf below him resorted to digging her fingers into the dirt. The pressure within her lessened as he pulled back and she grit her teeth at the searing pain. She yelped when he shoved back in, her face skidding across the rocks and dust. Her insides ached as they were churned, deeper than she’d thought possible. Her eyes closed and she quietly cried as he continued, harder and harder until it made her head swim.

“I’m going to fill you so full you’ll taste it for weeks,” he snarled with a smirk and sighed again. You’re disgusting. He chuckled at the voice and, out of spite, buried his claws into Kel’ori’s flesh.

She screamed and blood dripped down the black skin of his fingers. Her insides contracted around him and he grunted. Biting his lip, he dug his claws a bit deeper and tilted his head back when she cried and tensed again.

Focused on release, he leaned down and sank his teeth into the crook of her neck.

Kel’ori screamed again as blood dripped across her chest and into the pit of her arm. A groan rang out in her ear accompanied by the smell of burning and she clawed at the ground, sobbing. More of his seed spilled into her, thick and hot. It ran down the insides of her thighs. His tongue slithered across her chest, licking up the blood.

Spinewing withdrew and stood, breathless and satisfied. He stretched his neck and shoulders, then turned his sights on the two still in their cages. He stepped away from the writhing, whimpering Kel’ori, softening member still dripping.

Alisbeth’s hand tightened around Anarchaia’s and the two swallowed.

You’re dismissed!