It’s Not Too Late to Change Your Mind (Book 5 – Ch. 12&13)

Kel’ori ignored the spry cat as it leapt onto the banister to greet the two at the back of Gildwynn’s shop. It mow!ed expectantly and the goblin offered a fleeting finger below its chin before ushering the mage woman through the door as he held it open. The elf placed a delicate hand on her chest and gave the slightest of curtsies from her sky blue robes.

She made her way up the stairs and glanced around at the furnishings of the engineer’s quaint apartment nestled above his shop. It consisted of little more than his low-sitting bed, a vanity above a working sink, pipes, a washroom, and a neatly kept wardrobe. She ran her hand along the spotless railing as she reached the top and giggled when her foot caught the top step. “I like your place,” she cooed drunkenly and lifted a hand to wiggle her fingers against the hanging crystals of the chandelier adorned with nuts and bolts.

Gildwynn flushed and flipped the latch on his door before following. “It’d really make no sense to move somewhere else. Heh. Housing around here is kinda–mmph!” His keys dropped from his clawed fingers when Kel’ori swept down to grab him by the collar and pull him into a deep kiss. The smell of the faint, sweet perfume in her wavy blond locks made his head spin. He closed his eyes as she lowered to her knees to press their lips more tightly together.

After a moment of sharing the lingering taste of his ale, Kel’ori stood and crossed–semi-gracefully–to set herself on his bed. She lifted a finger to beckon him over and chewed at the corner of a dark red lip.

“You’re…positive this is what you want?” the goblin said as he stepped forward and shrugged off his leather vest. He stepped over to the sink to quickly wash the machine grease from his hands.

“Mmhm,” the elf responded. Violet sparkles ran down her spine and in their wake each golden fastener of her dress-like robes unbuttoned. She pulled off her heeled boots.

“Not sure you want to maybe drink some coffee first? Sober…” He turned, fingers still on the laces of his tunic. “…up…” The bump in his throat jumped as he swallowed at the sight of her naked upper half. Glitter from her scented lotion sparkled on her shoulders and voluptuous breasts.

The robes as well as her brassiere fell to the floor in a light pile and she gently pushed them away with a lithe, polish-accented foot. “C’mon,” she urged in nearly a whisper and the goblin obeyed, stepping forward and letting his tunic hit the carpet as well. She brought her thin fingers up his toned chest and to his jaw and again kissed him deeply, yearningly. He followed the kiss up and back, crawling over her on the bed.

Her tongue grazed along his pointed teeth and she sighed. With her thumbs she pushed off her lacy panties until they dangled only around a slender ankle. Their lips met again and she untied the laces of his leather breeches.

He lowered his head to watch her wrap her painted fingers around his shaft, then closed his eyes and gasped when she planted a kiss on the tip of his nose and stroked.

His cyan eyes seemed to glow with the light of hers as he looked up and gave a sheepish grin. “Last chance to change your mind?”

Kel’ori laughed with pearly teeth and rubbed her thumb along the tip, causing him to tense and shudder. “Gods,” she slurred, voice still heavy with inebriation, “you have got to be the cutest goblin I’ve ever met.”

Said goblin pulled his large ears back in embarrassment and avoided her gaze as he smiled, looking off to the side instead. “Can’t say I’ve heard that one before.” His sharp teeth grasped at his lower lip as she again stroked slowly down the smooth, warm skin of his length. He released a sigh and lowered his head to press a kiss into one of the breasts near his face.

Kel’ori moaned as his lips traveled down to and eventually around an eager pink tip. His teeth nipped at the flesh there and she arched her back and giggled in her drunken stupor. He sucked and her smile faded to a lust-driven pout as she moaned again. Her hands traveled up his back and to his finely styled hair while her legs came up to wrap around his waist. She waited until he was aligned, then pushed him into her hungry flower with her calves. While not the largest or most impressive she’d had, it was enough to make her tilt her head back and furrow her brow.

Gildwynn inhaled sharply at the moist heat surrounding his manhood and closed his eyes to savor the feeling. He groaned as he withdrew and glanced up to admire the golden halo of hair splayed around her head, the shimmering blue powder on her eyelids, her sparkling azure earrings. He couldn’t help looking away when she returned the gaze.

The elf moved her hips to slide him back inside her before again grabbing his face and tittering. “You’re so shy,” she said quietly and leaned forward to push a kiss to his brow. A gasp jerked from within her chest when he pulled out and his head hit at just the right angle.

“Hard not to be when a girl out of your league wants to go home with you,” the goblin responded through purposeful, gentle drives.

Her hands gripped his backside through his trousers and pushed him back inside after each withdrawal. Her lips left red marks on his as they kissed. Her fingers trailed up his back to tangle in the sandy blond hair at the back of his head.

His nails teased at her skin as they traveled up, over her thin frame, to cup a shuddering breast. He bit gently at her tongue and she whined at the sensation.

Propping herself up with an elbow, the high elf groaned into his mouth as she matched his rhythm with her hips. The alcohol in her system caused her head to swirl and while the kisses and caresses were enough to make her hum and sigh, the majority of her body was left less sensitive and wanting more.

Kel’ori pushed him away gently—moaning when his teeth held onto her lower lip—and turned over to lie flat on her stomach. She lifted her hips in the slightest of ways and reached back to pull the cheek of her soft backside away from her engorged, pink womanhood.

Still on his knees, Gildwynn slid back inside and groaned again from the depths of his throat. With a firm grasp on her hips, he thrust back in until her buttocks met his thighs. And again and again, watching the small ripple each impact made through her rear.

After a while he leaned forward and held himself up with a hand while the other ran up her side and around to gently grab at a plush breast squished between her and the quilts.

“My hair,” she breathed.

Gildwynn furrowed his brow. Sweat tickled his temples. “Your hair…” he repeated.

“Pull,” she gasped.

Gildwynn hesitated and swallowed, still driving into her with reserved need. “I…heh. That’s kinda…”

“Do it.”

As though under a spell, his hand abandoned her bosom to take up a handful of her tresses instead. He pulled and she mewled beneath him. Her canal tightened around him and he moaned as well.


“On the hair, or…?”


The goblin obliged and leaned back to again grab her hip with a clawed hand while the other yanked at her yellow locks. He grimaced at the force he’d used but bit his lip when again her muscles clamped around him. When she tensed around his length a third time, it sent a shock through his chest and limbs. Then once more. Then a fifth time until the two were both moaning through breathless panting.

“Oh, gods,” she whined. “So close.”

Gildwynn took the cue to again bring a hand around and beneath. Careful of his nails, he pressed the pad of his finger against the erect nub at the top of her nearly dripping slit.

The elf moaned louder than she had before as her button was simulated. She clawed at the blankets with well manicured nails and smeared her lipstick on the duvet as she writhed. His fingers pinched lightly at the sensitive little appendage and she cried out. “Yes,” she gasped, “yes!

Her cave, along with rest of her body, tensed beneath him and her form shuddered against his chest. He quickly glanced back to get a glimpse of her ankle but the undulating of her insides made him double over. “Can’t,” he groaned.

“It’s fine,” she panted, knuckles white on the blankets. “Inside…”

The word sent a jolt through his core and Gildwynn grabbed at her hips to dig his claws into her skin while he arched his spine. His member pulsed as it expelled into her still-throbbing canal.

Yes,” she hissed beneath him and chewed on a red lip as she melted into the comforter.

The goblin fell to his hands and knees over her, sweat glistening on his verdant skin. Hard-pressed to catch his breath, he rolled over and rested a wrist on his brow. “I…didn’t hurt you, did I?”

Kel’ori, still dazed, reached down to run her fingers over the scratches on her hips, then shook her head when they came back clean. “Mm-mm.”


She giggled tiredly and reached over to pull his cheek to her lips. He blushed.

“I don’t think a guy has ever worried over me so much besides…” She chuckled and shook her head.

“I mean,” he shrugged, “what good is a man who doesn’t, really? Heh.”

She rested a hand on his chest and they both closed their eyes. Kel’ori stifled another giggle as the world continued to spin around her. She moved forward an inch to rest her cheek on his head and curl around him.

Gildwynn leaned forward to double check that she was, in fact, wearing a contraceptive charm around her ankle, then let his head fall back into the blankets.

“I want…an entire jar of those worms…” she breathed dreamily into his hair.

He laughed. “Yeah, I don’t think that’d be a good idea, doll.” He absently brought up a hand to rest over hers. “Unless you have a deathwish.”

The elf made a noise as though agreeing, then said no more as the warm coastal air lazed through the open windows.