Not a Monster (pre Book 5 Ch 21)

His muscles strained against the ropes binding him to the bed. His fiery eyes watched her every move. She lifted the skirt of her pretty dress and straddled his abdomen; the tip of his member tapped gently against her buttock. Teeth biting into her bottom lip, she smiled.

“Would you like to play a game with me?” Alisbeth asked.

The demon hunter cocked an eyebrow. “What kind of a game?”

“I call it the shut up game. We’re starting now.”

“What are the ru—”

Alisbeth struck his lips. “Ah-ah. We’re playing shut up.” She set her index finger to the rouge on her lips. Her frosty eyes seemed to glitter with excitement under the blue shadow she’d applied. “I have something that will help you play. It’s really good for when we get farther into the game and you can’t stay quiet.” She reached into the top drawer of her dresser and walked slowly back to straddle him again, this time sitting so her lower lips cradled his firm length between them, separated only by her silk panties.

“What is—”

She backhanded the demon hunter and he scowled at her. “I said shut up. We’re playing it. So be quiet!” She took the little wooden ball and held it up to his mouth, but hesitated when she saw the fang marks pocked across the surface. Her hand shook. “Grim.” Her lips curved to a frown and a tear forced itself from her eye. “I miss him so much.”

The demon hunter, which Alisbeth couldn’t remember the name of, blinked at her. “You mean Grimory?”

She sniffed and wiped her nose. “I think so.”

“So, you’re his girl?” He studied her closer than before.

She hissed. “I’m not his anything. I’m my own me. He just usually stays with me and plays these games with me. And he sleeps right there.” She fell into hysterical sobbing and the demon hunter cringed as he went flaccid beneath her.

“I’m going to guess you’re not up for this anymore?”

She shook her head against his abdomen.

“Untie me, please?”

Alisbeth leaned forward and pulled on the end of a knot to let him free. “I thought I could. I mean, you’re very attractive, but I only brought you up here because you kind of reminded me of him, and I just miss him so much.” She lifted off the man and curled up on the bed, cradling the little wooden ball.

The Illidari sighed. “I get it, okay? I’m not mad.” He pulled on his pants and frowned down at her.

“Leave,” she said. “Leave!”

“All right! I’m going!” He went to the balcony and closed the door, then rubbed his hands down his face. “Fucking Silversong.” He stretched his green wings wide and took off for the portal to the Fel Hammer.

Inside, he wound through the corridors until he found the right room. He knocked, but no answer came. He knocked again. And again.

“Go away,” came the demand from inside.

“Silversong, you, uh, know a chick named Alisbeth?”

A moment later the door cracked open to reveal the disheveled Illidari. “Did something happen? Is she okay?”

“She’s fine… Are you? You look like shit.”

“I’m fine. What do you want, Whitecloud?”

“Well, so, I was at the tavern, and she came talking to me and invited me up to her room, and, well, she’s hot, so I went—”

Grimory slammed the door in the other man’s face.

“Not that it means anything, since she says you two aren’t together, but I didn’t fuck her, okay? She untied me and told me to leave.”

“My condolences. Now fuck off,” Grimory yelled through the door.

“She was freaking out over this ball and started crying about you. Your girl—”

“She’s not my girl.”

“The girl you’re banging, then. She is…not even a ten but packing a twenty’s worth of crazy.”

Grimory opened his door and scowled at him. “Ali’s a ten, and don’t call her crazy.” He shoved out of the room and closed the door behind him.

“Hey,” Whitecloud stopped him as he walked away. “You let her gag you? With a ball?”

He didn’t turn to look at the other as he walked away. “Fuck off.”

Grimory landed on the balcony outside Alisbeth’s room. He raised his hand to knock, then changed his mind and just opened the door. It was silent, but he heard the soft crying. Somewhere. He closed the door and knelt down to look under the bed. There, curled in a ball on her side, barely fitting beneath the tall bed frame, was Alisbeth. She stared at him, her chest seizing in silent hiccups.

“Why are you under the bed?”

“Because it’s safe,” she said, sniffing.


“Judging eyes.”

Grimory blinked at her for a moment longer, then stretched out on his back and slid beneath the bed with her. Automatically, she uncurled and pressed into his side, fitting perfectly under his arm.

“You left me.”

The demon hunter pursed his lips up at the bed above them. “You’re really concerned about a monster?”

Alisbeth hiccupped and pushed her palm against his cheek until her turned to look at her. “You’re not a monster. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“But, I—”

She set her fingertips to his lips. “No. You are not Sparklefling. Your body was not yours.”

He swallowed as he searched her eyes. “I can’t sleep. I keep seeing… I tried to stop it.”

Alisbeth nodded. “I know.”

“How do you know?”

“Because I know you. I know your heart. You think that I’d… That I’d care about a monster?”

She pushed her lips to his and he closed his eyes against the gentle touch. Her hand slid over the muscles of his abdomen and down into his trousers. He made to stop her, but the cold of her palm soothed him as it found his flaccid length and gently massaged it. She stopped and looked into his eyes.

“Sorry. I’m just…I miss you.”

His hand released her wrist and instead unhooked his belt buckle. “You know I missed you, too?”

She smiled through her tears. “You did?”

He nodded and pushed out from under the bed, stooping to help her to standing. She urged him down onto the bed and finished opening the front of his trousers. He pursed his lips as though it was his own clothing that led to his betrayal. The death knight lowered and pulled on the purple leggings until they were around his thighs. She took his manhood in her palm and gently massaged until it stood firm and erect. Then her lips settled around the tip for a quick kiss, leaving behind a little of her lipstick.

Grimory shuddered and lifted Alisbeth from the floor.

“But, that’s your favorite,” she objected.

“Can we just… Can I just…” He slid his hand up to push up her dress, then pull down her underwear. “Just you.”

Alisbeth lifted her skirt to her thighs and straddled his legs. She waited, the lavender gown bunched around her hips. She pressed her lips into his, then lowered herself to cradle the head of his member at the entrance of her cave. Her cold cavern welcomed him as she moaned and whimpered at the slow entry.

Grimory wrapped his arms tightly around the death knight and lifted her up, then eased her back onto his shaft. For a moment afraid of the visions he might see, but for the first time in two weeks, the memories quieted. He didn’t see the woman’s face crying behind his eyelids. Alisbeth’s cold and comforting touch had—for the moment—cured him. He began to wonder why he hadn’t returned to her sooner. Why he’d left in the first place.

“Ali,” he hummed. “Don’t let me leave you again.”

She gave a tear-filled giggled, then gasped in as he pushed back inside her most feminine part. “Even if I have to tie you down.”

“Especially then-n!” He bit against her lip as she clenched her cold muscles tighter around his hot length.

They moved together slowly for a long time, holding each other tight as he sat on the edge of the bed.

“Do you think my dress is pretty?” she whispered, sighing in his arms.

Grimory looked over her, ran his hands along the silky cloth over her hips and waist and up onto a breast. He paused there, cupping her soft bosom in his palm, before leaning to kiss the hardened tip through the fabric. She gave a soft whine and he moved his lips to set gently on hers.

“It’s beautiful.”

“Do you love it?” she whispered into his ear. “The dress?”

Grimory thought on his answer, sweat beginning to form on his temples. He set his cheek to the cool, bare skin above the dress. “Yes.”

Her hand searched along her waist to find his own. She entwined her fingers with his and held them between thier chests, so each could feel the other’s pounding heart with the soft skin on the back. Her eyes locked on his and he found he couldn’t look away—he didn’t want to. He wanted to stay lost in those little blizzards forever. Her mouth dropped open and she gave a gentle whine. Then a stronger one. Her brow furrowed and he could feel it in her movements—her hips rolling across his, her thighs tightening at his waist, the muscles in her cold cavern tightening the littlest bit round him.

He lifted her arm where their fingers were clasped to wrap his arm back around her and hold her tight, their fingers still entwined on her shoulder. He pushed her so close he felt she could become a part of him, he could pull her into him and have her there forever, to keep him from losing himself again. Instead, he just lost himself in her eyes, now half-lidded as her rising climax rippled across her body.

His shaft hardened even more within her and he groaned with her, eager to release inside and listen to her scream out. Her muscles tensed right as his manhood throbbed and pulsed, spilling his hot seed inside her. She gasped at the sensation and screamed again, her back arching as her muscles milked his shaft for more, which it gave willingly until she was filled and both were satisfied. She shuddered one last time and sighed limply against his shoulder.

Grimory slowly leaned back, pulling Alisbeth with to lay her on his chest while he relished the feeling of her womanhood a bit longer with his length. He kissed along her shoulder and collar bone. He pressed gentle pecks into the crook of her neck and up onto her jaw until she turned her head and pressed her lips to his. In that moment he had only one thing he wanted to say to her, but wouldn’t, because it would be a lie, and he wouldn’t lie to her.

Alisbeth slipped sideways onto the bed and curled against him, a million things to say popping into her mind—a million things she didn’t want to break the silence with. Thousands of lies, thousands of half-truths, and one truth her tongue couldn’t say, because she mustn’t say it. Not ever to him. Not when he didn’t want to hear it. Instead she kissed him again and pulled the blanket from the top of the bed to wrap over them.

“It’s okay to sleep, now. I’ll watch over you,” she whispered.

“You promise?” he asked, just as softly.

“I promise.”