Meet the Lavender Lady

I’m 90% sure this is her.

Name: Who TF even talks to her long enough to ask?

Race: Elf of some sort?

Birthplace: ???

Age: ???

Height: ‘About yay high? IDFK, she’s always shifting around and slouching, then runs away!’

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Lavender

Class and Spec: Probably a rogue? Like, where does she even go? SHE WAS JUST RIGHT THERE!

How/Why: ???

Hobbies: Stalking Grimory; Squeaking in surprise; Being evasive

Favorite Color: Just a hunch, but it might be lavender

Favorite Food: Does she eat?

Favorite Flower: Probably a purple one?

Best quality: Sweet, maybe? Loyal, I guess?

Worst Quality: Running away and being a general anxious mess

Favorite Quality in Others: They smiled at me! I think they like me!

Worst Quality in OthersStop asking questions. I’m so awkward right now. 

Marital Status as of now: Hopefully, probably single. Most likely staying that way forever.

Love Interest: Gonna go out on a limb, here, and say it’s Grimory. It might be Grimory.

Best Friend: Probably the succubus (Asheeda) from Hallow’s Eve? No? That’s the first time they met? IDFK

Quirks/What Makes Them Special: WHO TF EVEN IS SHE???

Theme SongTalk to Me – Keri Noble