Meet Khadgar

Name: KhadgarKhadgar Icon

Race: Human

Age: 47

Height: 6’ 8”

Hair Color: Gray

Eye Color: Sky Blue

Class and Spec: Archmage of the Kirin Tor

Hobbies: Reading, Researching, Listening to Music

Favorite Color: Golden Yellow

Favorite Food: Coffee and Toast

Favorite Flower: Peacebloom

Best quality: Compassion

Worst Quality: Cautious of Others

Favorite Quality in Others: Ambition

Worst Quality in Others: Arrogance

Marital Status as of now: Single

Love Interest: “Oh, who has time for love these days?”

Best Friend: Anarchaia, the Archmages, and the Council of Six

Quirks/What Makes Them Special: Possibly the most powerful mage alive; wields Atiesh, the Greatstaff of the Guardian; afflicted with a curse of old age and frailty laid upon him by his mentor Medivh