Meet Kel’ori

Some_BitchName: Kel’ori Nightheart

Race: Quel’dorei

Birthplace: Stormwind

Age: 260

Height: 5’ 6”

Hair Color: Straw blonde

Eye Color: blue

Class and Spec: Arcane Mage

How/Why: She was curious about magic and, with her brother’s help, began learning about it through books and solitary practice. She later apprenticed under a master who told her to focus on the arcane, since it ‘sings through her veins’.

Hobbies: Making clothing; Knitting (with magic, of course. I just had my nails done!); grooming herself; looking beautiful.

Favorite Color: Pale Blue

Favorite Food: Mini cakes

Favorite Flower: Roses (Duh! They’re, like, so romantic.)

Best quality: People Pleaser

Worst Quality: Vanity

Favorite Quality in Others: “Huge rippling muscles are a quality, right?”

Worst Quality in Others: Dismissal of her

Marital Status as of now: “Very single and very interested. I’m not getting any younger.”

Love Interest: “Like, who I’ve slept with, or who I want to sleep with? Who I want to have kids with? Grim, duh. Who doesn’t want to have that beautiful man’s baby?”

Best Friend: “Does it disqualify my master, Kalec, if I hypothetically slept with him once—or several times? Hypothetically, of course.”

Quirks/What Makes Them Special: She has huge, goblin-hypnotizing breasts

Theme SongWolf by DYLYN