Meet Juliember

Name: Juliember ???

Race: Troll

Birthplace: Echo Isles

Age: 17

Height: 7’ 1”

Hair Color: Usually red, but dyes for her outfit

Eye Color: Green

Class and Spec: Druid – Restoration/Guardian

How/Why: Through rigorous training

Hobbies: Drawing; Painting; Spending time with good friends

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Food: Conjured Mana Strudel

Favorite Flower: Tiger Lilies

Best quality: Inner strength

Worst Quality: Stubborn

Favorite Quality in Others: Kindness

Worst Quality in Others: Ego

Marital Status as of now: Single

Love Interest: She has her eye on a certain paladin she’s “just friends” with

Best Friend: See previous answer

Quirks/What Makes Them Special: Wit; Determination; Able to see the good in others

Theme SongBad Girls – M.I.A.