Meet Asheeda

Name: Asheeda Lamb

Race: Sin’dorei

Birthplace: Quel’Thalas

Age: 140

Height: 6’

Hair Color: Iridescent white

Eye Color: Purple

Class and Spec: Demon Hunter – Havoc

Inner Demon: Shivarra

How/Why: Thought it would be a good way to get back at bullies

Hobbies: Research; traveling; experiments

Favorite Color: Brown

Favorite Food: Meat. All of it.

Favorite Flower: Foxflower

Best quality: Kindhearted

Worst Quality: Emotionally Immature

Favorite Quality in Others: Compassion

Worst Quality in Others: Closed-minded

Marital Status as of now: In a relationship

Love Interest: Xrla

Best Friend: Crorinu

Quirks/What Makes Them Special: Used to be female; Prefers to be called Ash

Theme SongGirls Just Wanna Have Fun – Miley Cyrus