Meet Anarchaia

Name: Anarchaia Starling

Ana Icon

Race: Undead

Birthplace: Duskwood, Eastern Kingdoms


Death: 19

Now: 40

Height: 5′ 5″

Hair Color: Snow White

Eye Color: Light Blue

Class and Spec: Mage – Fire (Primary)

How/Why: Birth and Eventual Apprenticeship

Hobbies: Playing Piano, Reading, Drinking, Chess and Puzzles

Favorite Color: Sky Blue

Favorite Food: Strawberry Cake

Favorite Flower: Roses

Best quality: Charisma

Worst Quality: Immaturity

Favorite Quality in Others: Kindness

Worst Quality in Others: Aggression

Marital Status as of now: Single

Love Interest: “Hm? Oh! U-Uh…heh. I… Next question.”

Best Friend: Khadgar

Quirks/What Makes Them Special: Albino sorceress with natural aptitude for

fire magic, hides marred face from all but those she trusts.

Theme Song: Over My Head – The Fray