Meet Alisbeth


Name: Alisbeth RedbladeAlisbeth

Race: Sin’dorei

Birthplace: Stormwind City


Death: 126

Now: 130

Height: 5’ 8”

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Frosty Blue

Class and Spec:

Formerly: Paladin – Retribution; Warrior – Arms

Currently: Death Knight – Blood/Unholy

How/Why: Resurrected by Thassarian after her murder.

Hobbies: Killing Forsaken; Breaking her vase and gluing it back together; sparring; dancing; singing

Favorite Color: Blood Red

Favorite Food: Candy Canes

Favorite Flower: Mageroyal

Best quality: Compassionate

Worst Quality: Unpredictable

Favorite Quality in Others: Honesty

Worst Quality in Others: If they think she’s crazy

Marital Status as of now: Divorced from Koltira Deathweaver

Love Interest: Grimory (but don’t expect them to confirm it)

Best Friend: None

Quirks/What Makes Them Special: Very happy despite her horrific death; Bat-shit crazy; Can see the unnoticed details about someone and blurts it without question

Theme SongsI’m Gonna Show You – Bebe Rexha

Paint It Black – Ciara (Sings with her own lyrics about killing Forsaken)