By Shaymed


Aralisse peered out the window into the back yard. A grin spread wide across her lips and she rushed down the stairs and out the back door. “Sig!” She leapt on her half brother, squeezing him in an excited hug.

Kaelsig laughed and hugged her back. “Been alone long?”

She dropped down and rolled her eyes. “You have no idea. I would take the human contact of a bandit trying to rob the house over this!”

“Finished all your books already?”

“I did. Thank you for that last one, it was really great.”

A book swirled from nothingness onto his palm and he held it out. “Try this one.”

“You’re the best, you know that?”

Kaelsig laughed and hugged around her shoulders. “Anything for my little sister.”

She smacked his stomach with the flat of the book. “Being physically older doesn’t count.”

He rubbed his stomach, cringing but still smiling. “I said little, not younger.” He stopped in front of Storm’s stall and stared in at the grey gelding. “Sometimes I feel like I really am older. It’s like I had these typical teenager thoughts one minute, and then when the curse hit me it was like I was living every year in seconds. I feel like I had a life in those years that never happened, just no memories of it.” He led the horse from the stall and began saddling him.

“Can I ride with you?”

Kaelsig stopped to smile at her. “Sure. Need any help getting Cinnamon geared up?”

Aralisse chewed on her lower lip and glanced at the ochre and white painted mare. “I’d like to ride with you. Like we did before, when you were too small to ride alone.” She clutched the book to her chest and stared at the ground.

The blood elf studied her, then half-smiled, something stirring in his chest—an excitement for the idea of spending so much time close to her warmth. “Of course you can.” He finished with the last strap and held out his hand.

“I’ll be in front this time,” the half-elf said. “You’re kind of the bigger one now.” She gave a small laugh and let him help her into the saddle. He climbed on after and settled close, her back pressed so tightly to his chest that he could feel each breath she took.

Aralisse settled herself into the cool embrace of her half death knight brother and smiled faintly at the back of the horse’s head. “Where are we going?”

“I didn’t have a destination in mind.”

“Let’s go get lost.”

Kaelsig kicked the horse into a slow trot so he could pull the sliding barn door closed. When it was clear, the mage kicked the horse into a gallop. He leaned forward, his broad chest and strong arms encompassing the huntress. She reached up her hands to wrap them around his biceps to hold on as the horse raced across the land.

They reached a raging stream, beating feebly at the land. He didn’t stop; Kaelsig kicked the horse faster toward the deep waters. Aralisse tensed, her body going rigid and her grip tightening on his arms. She squealed between her nervously pursed lips. Storm leapt from the bank and onto the water, his hooves striking the ice and gripping so he didn’t slide around.

“I never get used to this!” she said, her voice loud and pinched in her excitement.

Kaelsig laughed. “Good, then I’ll never fail to surprise you.”

On the other side, he slowed the horse to a walk so it could rest. Aralisse leaned forward to look at the trees and the bright grass.

“I think we’re in Elwynn.”

Kaelsig stopped Storm entirely and hopped down. “Best not to go farther in.” He tied the reigns to a low branch.

“What are we doing here?” she asked, jumping from the saddle.

“Resting,” Kaelsig shrugged.

Aralisse laughed and took his hand, leading him to a tree. She sat in the grass, and pulled him down beside her. They stayed in the peace of the churning water, listening to birdsong and feeling the wind in their hair.

She sent her gaze up into the leaves of the trees, her lips curved in a frown. “Can I make a confession?”

Kaelsig mimicked her expression, his eyes focused on the side of her face. “Only if I can.”

She let out all of her air and closed her eyes. “Sometimes I wish you weren’t my brother.”

Kaelsig pursed his lips and he scowled. “Well that’s completely opposite of what I was going to say.”

“Say it anyway.”

“You’re…my favorite person in the world and I wish we could spend every day l—” Kaelsig’s words cut off as Aralisse pressed her lips to his. When she pulled away, his eyes were round with shock. “Ara…?”

“Shit… I fucked up, didn’t I? Now we can’t b—” This time it was Kaelsig’s lips on hers silencing the sentence.

“I think I wish you weren’t my sister, too.”

Aralisse blushed and took his hands in hers. She set her forehead against his and sighed. “Halfway not.”

Kaelsig’s heart pounded in his ears as he studied her face. “Maybe… Maybe that’s the half that matters.”

“So, I could kiss you,” she set a kiss on his lips, “but only with the that half.” She took his hand and guided it just under one of her breasts. “And you…can touch me…”

He pulled her closer, his thumb flicking up to rub the gentle mound beneath her shirt. “But only if I touch you with the other half.”

Aralisse leaned in, her lips a whisper from his. “Do you like touching me?”

He slid his hand up to cup her breast, his manhood responded by growing firmer in his trousers. “I’d never stop if I could.”

“Then don’t stop.”

She lifted her shirt to free her breast from the fabric holding it in. The soft flesh slipped into his palm, her nipple settling between his thumb and forefinger. The blue tip hardened as his cold skin caressed it. She slipped her tongue through his lips and into his warm mouth, then moaned at the sensation of the two different temperatures. Her hand slipped to his trousers and she pulled her mouth from his to round her eyes at him.

“Sorry, heh.”

“Don’t be. I just…never felt one. It was a bit of a…shock?” She smiled shyly, a blush coloring her cheeks.

“I’ve never felt a woman,” he said, moaning as her palm rubbed through his trousers. He gave her breast a gentle squeeze. He moaned again as her hand pushed tighter to his manhood. Like she had, he took her hand and guided her fingers to the top of his trousers. “It’s okay.”

She slipped her hand down to find his cold length; it flexed eagerly at her touch. Her teeth bit into her lower lip at the sensation of his smooth skin over the firm erection. Aralisse gasped as he leaned to her and set his lips to her breast. His tongue circled the hardened tip, then he sucked, pulling away just until his cold lips rested on it. She gasped at the sensation and her hand took better hold of his member.

She took his hand and guided it to the top of her own trousers. “It’s okay,” she said, taking in a sharp breath as he sucked her breast again.

His hand slipped inside, where the warmth trapped by the fabric shocked his skin. Between her legs his fingers found it hot and wet, slippery with the eagerness his own body had displayed. He stroked the slick folds, listening to her moans and adjusting the way he touched her by how her hips moved. Her pelvis bucked forward, forcing two of his fingers just inside. Aralisse moaned and pushed against his hand again, urging him to slip deeper inside. He obliged and soon his digits were surrounded by the hot, wet cavern. The girl opened her mouth and gasped over and over, her hips swaying into his palm in desperation.

“We should probably stop,” Kaelsig whispered, breathless as she gripped his erection firmly in her circled fingers.

Her thumb slid to the head and found a bead of his eagerness at the top. She swirled it around the soft tip. “Don’t you like it?”

He bit into his lower lip and sent his fingers deeper into her. “I do. But we’re…in the open,” he gasped out. “I’d hate for someone to interrupt what I’m about to do to you.”

Aralisse paused in her stroking and looked into his eyes. “And what are you about to do to me?”

He blushed and looked away, suddenly very aware of the compromising position they’d allowed themselves to get into. His fingers withdrew, soaked with her desire. She gripped his wrist, keeping his hand on her womanhood.

“Sig, say it.”

“I…want to make love to you.”

She pursed her lips and captured his gaze with her own. “Because your fingers are inside me?”

“No. Because I’ve…been in love with you for years, Ara. And I know it’s wrong, I know I can’t—”

“You can. Because I’ve loved you, too.” She moved his wrist so his fingers slid in and out of her. “We have to be careful.”

“Yeah,” he nodded fervently. “We can stay here, then?”

She paused, pushing his fingers deeper into herself. His thumb touched on her delicate button, then paused. It swirled around the little part and Aralisse mewled, her hips rocking against his hand.

“Nobody’s home. Won’t be for hours,” she gasped desperately.

“That’s dangerous.”

“I know, but I don’t want my first time to be in the grass for anyone to see.” She whined with each thrust of her hips onto his thick fingers.

“Then we should go back. We’ll have to be fast.”

“Nn-hnn,” she whispered, her breathing growing shallow as she thrust his fingers in and out of herself.

She slid her own small fingers behind his, slipping them into the tight space as she gasped and moaned against his cheek. He turned and slid his tongue between her lips. She let him in as her fingers curled behind his, making them curl. His fingertips found the rough patch just inside her opening, and pressed on it. She moved her hips against him, his fingers rubbed at the spot, her fingers stretched her opening, and Kaelsig’s tongue explored her mouth.

“Yes,” she panted. “So good.”

“We…should go…”

“Just…a little…longer,” she whined, her other hand reaching into his trousers to run her curled fingers along his shaft at the same speed her hips were moving.

He groaned with pleasure and leaned his forehead on her cheek. “Just…a little…” he echoed, his own hips finding her rhythm. He bent down and pressed his lips around the blue tip of her breast. He sucked and she gasped, her hips lunging in response.

“Yes! Like that!”

She was close. She could feel it building, filling her and warming her body. It teased its release and she urged it on. Kaelsig grew firmer in her grasp and she knew his climax was coming, too.

She whined. “Just…a little—”


They stopped, removing their hands from each other’s pants and sitting up. Aralisse dragged her shirt down over her breast and stared wide-eyed at the man, her face filled with a dark blush.

The human scowled down at them. “There’s an inn just north in Goldshire. Take your business there, perverts!” He switched the hay stalk in his mouth from one side to the other.

“Y-yes. S-sorry,” Kaelsig said.

Aralisse was already scrambling for the horse as the man walked away, a shovel over one shoulder. Kaelsig met her at Storm and hoisted her on. He climbed on behind her and they took off across the river, back toward her home.

She giggled nervously. “That was embarrassing.”

“Maybe we should stop this, Ara.”

She spun in the saddle with some difficulty, drooping her legs on either side of his, their groins pressed together. “I don’t want to.” She pushed closer so his arousal moved against her womanhood with the horse’s movements. “Do you?”

He breathed heavily, enjoying the heat from her loins. “No.”

Kaelsig pushed Storm as fast as the gelding would go. The elf wrapped an arm around his half sister, keeping her close as she held him tight and kissed desperately at his neck.

Once in the barn, Kaelsig rushed to unsaddle the horse and put him away, Aralisse gripping him and slipping her hand into his pants as he worked. Once the barn door was closed, he spun and lifted her into his arms to kiss her as he carried her into the house. He took her upstairs and they fell onto her bed together. With a wave of his hand, he shut and locked her door, just in case. Their hands tore at each other’s clothing, discarding the pieces to the floor until they were both naked.

Kaelsig looked down between her legs, his shaft twitched at the sight. His fingers returned to the spot to feel the folds, slick with her desire. “I’d like to kiss you.”

She giggled and leaned forward.

He shook his head. “Not there.”

He eased down her body, kissing a trail to the slit until his lips met her lower ones. He opened his mouth to welcome the strange taste as he pulled a lip into his mouth, then the other. His tongue found the same button his thumb had and he flicked it. Aralisse twitched and moaned, so he did it again. And again. Then he sucked on it and she arched her back and cried desperately to the ceiling.

“Sig,” she whined, “please.”

He eased back up to set his lips on hers. She made a face at the taste, but kissed him anyway. Between her legs, the tip of his manhood found her lips, then rested just at the opening.

“Do you know what you’re doing?” she asked.

“No. I guess we’ll figure it out together.”

She smiled and kissed him, her hands gripping his hips as her pelvis raised to encourage his entry. He slid just inside, forcing his engorgement into the tight opening. Her forehead creased and she hissed through her teeth.

“Are you okay?” he asked, stopping. The head of his shaft pulsed in anticipation.

“Yeah. Yeah, just—” She let out a breath and looked at the ceiling. “Don’t stop.”

She cried out as he pushed farther into her.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Kaelsig said, withdrawing.

“It’s okay,” she insisted, gripping him so he couldn’t pull out completely. “It’s a good hurt.”


“Cross my heart.”

He slid back into her, pausing when she would gasp. His concern kept his eager climax at bay, ensuring he didn’t release too quickly. She held his hips, urging him deeper. He pushed his shaft inside her to his base and she squirmed, mewling with her strange pleasure and pain. Slowly, he withdrew, his eyes locked on his own member surrounded by her most feminine part.

Aralisse panted and followed his gaze. Her brow pressed together and she gripped his arm tightly. “Put it back in. The whole thing.”

Together they watched his shaft slide deep inside her as she whined and dug her fingernails into his skin. Their eyes held fast as he withdrew again, the dark skin slicked with new juices.

“Faster,” she gasped.

He picked up his pace, easing in and out, listening to her gasps and wondering if it was more pleasure than pain now. His gaze swept to her face—her brow was furrowed, her mouth slack as she panted and whined.

“Harder,” she begged.

He paused, unsure what she meant. Her palms wrapped around his hips and dragged him forward. His manhood pounded into her, filling her to his base as their thighs slapped together.

“Like that?”

“Yes. Please.”

He slammed into her again, then again, and she screamed with each thrust. Her muscles began to tighten and she dug her nails into his hips.


Her screams came faster and louder. Her muscles tightened around his shaft and he found himself thrusting into her harder and faster as his head began to swim and his manhood firmed and engorged more, telling of his impending climax.

Aralisse screamed out, her body going stiff and her cavern tightening. Her nails scratched into his back over and over as he thrust harder and faster, until his orgasm rocked through him. He thrust hard and deep, her legs raising to allow him farther, and he spilled his seed deep inside her warmth. He paused, pressed deep into her, as though frozen in time, his teeth grit as he moaned and grunted. Her muscles milked his length, urging more of his hot seed to burst from his tip and fill her insides.

When it subsided, he collapsed on top of her, wrapping his arms around her body and holding her close. He stayed within, letting her still-contracting muscles massage his softening member.

“Ara,” he said on a sigh.


“I love you. I really do.”

She giggled and set a hand on his cheek. “I love you, too, Sig.”

They lay there like that, cuddling. They kissed and held each other as minutes passed. He laid on his back and she tucked herself under his arm, her finger tracing invisible doodles over his abdomen.

“I could stay like this forever,” she sighed into his shoulder.

The blanket at the bottom of the bed shone with lavender magic, then unfurled over them. He tucked it around her, then put his arm over her shoulder, wrapping the other to press his palm to her back.

“Just a little longer,” he said.

“Just a few more minutes.”

Her eyes drifted closed and his soon after, lulled by her breath.

~ * ~

“Ara, what have I told you about locking your door?” Anarchaia shouted from the other side.

The two jerked awake and stared at each other.

“Shit,” Aralisse whispered, then called to her mother, “Oh, I must have left it locked after I changed. I’ll be right there!”

They quietly slipped from the bed, tossing clothing at each other.

“You were home alone,” Anarchaia said.

“You’re all mages, you could come back at any second.”

They’d barely gotten their pants around their hips when the lock glowed purple and flicked up, then moved over. Anarchaia stepped into the room and stopped, taking in their wide eyes, their hands hastily tying their pants, her daughter, blushing and topless.

“Tell me this isn’t what it looks like.”

Faltora popped up beside his mother, smiling. “Hey, Ara, you missed—” His smile fell and he gaped at the two, his pale skin growing pink at their expense.

Aralisse slapped her hands over her breasts. “Fala, get out!

“Get your father,” Anarchaia squeaked to the young man beside her. Her eyes leveled on Aralisse as Faltora disappeared in a puff. “Get your shirt on.”

“Mom, it’s not—”

“Ana, please, this isn’t what—”

Don’t you fucking talk to me!” Anarchaia shouted at Kaelsig. “You ungrateful, awful boy. Just like your mother. Just take what you want, when you want. I never should have opened my home to you.”

“Mom, how can you say that?” Aralisse gasped.

A crack! came from the hallway and Faltora cautiously stepped into the room, checking that his twin was no longer topless. Footsteps retreated into the other room, then stomped into the doorway. Anarchaia moved to the side to allow Koltira in. His face was blank and stony, giving nothing away; a sword was in his hand.

“Ana,” he said, “keep our daughter in here.” His voice was cold in a way that even made Anarchaia shudder.

“What are you going to do?” she whispered.

He didn’t answer, just looked at his son. “Come with me.”

“No, no,” Aralisse said, her voice thick as she rushed to grip Kaelsig by the arm. “No. Don’t, daddy, don’t!

“Get out of the way.”

She shook her head and spread her arms to block Kaelsig behind her. “Hm-mmm. No.”


Her twin looked at her, a strange expression on his face. He lifted his hand and Aralisse rose into the air.

“Stop!” Kaelsig shouted. “Don’t hurt her. I’ll go, okay? Put her down.”

Faltora set her on her feet with the bed between them. She looked to Kaelsig through her tears, and he looked to her, trying to remain brave.

Koltira turned his back on them and went down the stairs, not bothering to look and make sure his son was following. Kaelsig caught up to the death knight and panted as his bravery began to wane. “I’m sorry. Dad, please. Can’t you just listen to our side?”

Koltira said nothing as he led Kaelsig to the barn. Once inside, he turned to the begging man; just one look from the death knight silenced the other. He went into Storm’s stall and ran his hand long the horse’s neck. Then he raised the sword and cut the steed’s neck off at the shoulder—Storm only had a second to rear in shock and whinny before his head fell to the ground.

Kaelsig screamed and ran into the stall, tears stinging at his eyes as he dropped down to set his palms on the soft neck. “Why?” he demanded. “Storm didn’t do anything! He was innocent!”

“So was Aralisse.”

Koltira set the blade to the side of Kaelsig’s neck. The man gasped and straightened, his eyes on the shining steel beneath the horse’s blood.

“Dad, please,” he whispered. “I love her.”

Koltira didn’t move, his cold eyes locked on his son.

“Fine. Do it. Just don’t hurt Ara.” Kaelsig breathed in and closed his eyes. “Do it.”

The sword pulled away and Koltira grabbed his son by the hair on his scalp. “You’re not a part of this family anymore. Don’t ever come back. Understand?”

Kaelsig whimpered, but nodded. “I’m sorry, father.”

“I’m not your father anymore.” Koltira released him and strode past, leaving the elf to cry beside the decapitated horse. He went into the house and was instantly assailed by the screaming of his daughter from upstairs.

“What did you do?” she screamed through her tears. “I heard him scream. Let me go! Kaelsig!

Anarchaia set her daughter back on the floor as Koltira came to the top of the stairs. Aralisse ran for the doorway, but stopped when she saw the bloodied sword.

“No, no, no! You wouldn’t!” She screamed and pressed herself into the corner as Koltira trapped her there.

Faltora popped out of the room.

Koltira grabbed her bright, white hair and used the sword to cut it all off. He dropped the blood-covered strands at her feet, then stepped back to drop the sword on top of the pile.

“I don’t care what you do to me!” she screamed. “Please, just tell me you didn’t…”

Faltora appeared in the barn, where he found Kaelsig holding his head, distraught.

“Seriously, Sig. What the fuck?”

The elf didn’t answer.

“I asked you a question.”

When a minute passed and he’d gotten no answer, he grabbed a shovel and struck Kaelsig across the back.

“She’s our fucking sister, you disgusting freak!” Faltora shouted, then struck him again.

“And I love her!” Kaelsig shouted, rolling away from another blow.

Faltora hit him again and again. “I hate you! You ruined everything!”

Kaelsig used his magic to rip the shovel from his brother’s hands. “I know.” Then he vanished, back to his room in the Hall of the Guardians.

Faltora reappeared in Aralisse’s room and pinched his lips together when he saw his sister’s hair chopped off and her on her knees, begging their father.

“He’s gone. Back to the Hall, I think.”

“You didn’t kill him?” Aralisse gasped. She wiped the tears from under her eyes. “Please, daddy, just listen.”

“You’re both disgusting,” Faltora said, then stomped to his room.

Koltira looked over his shoulder at Anarchaia, who was pursing her lips at the scene. He cast one last gaze down at his daughter. “If you see him again, I’ll do to Cinnamon what I did to Storm.”

Aralisse’s eyes widened and she gagged at the blood on the sword and in her hair. She pressed herself into the corner. “You didn’t. You… You monster!

“And if Cinnamon doesn’t teach you a lesson—”

You can’t do this,” Aralisse screamed.

“Stay away from him,” he said slowly, “or I’ll let you have him back one piece at a time.” He turned away and strode from the room, slamming the door behind him and causing both women to jump.

Anarchaia let out an exasperated sigh. “Okay, come with me.”

“Don’t touch me,” Aralisse growled, pulling her arm free of the mage’s grasp.

Anarchaia surrounded the half-elf in a purple haze and lifted her into the air. “Nope. You were irresponsible. Now we have to go see a specialist.”

“For what?” she demanded, fighting against the violet force holding her still.

“To make sure you idiots didn’t create an inbred bastard.”

Aralisse’s eyes went wide and she frowned. She let the magic carry her along as she just cried, her tears dripping from her chin. “I hate all of you.”

The mage pursed her lips. “One day, you’ll understand. One day…”


>>10 Years Later (Followup Story)<<