ALiP Contest Entry

Welcome to the SECOND EVER ALiP fan contest!

Why the contest? Because we want to see how hard your fan flag can wave. Plus, we love fanart. We love seeing how our story may have inspired people to get creative.


ENTRY PERIOD: June 1st – June 30th

-For art, please post it somewhere like DeviantArt and send us the link.

-For stories, please post it somewhere like DeviantArt or and send us the link.

(Pictures can’t be sent through our contact form and I’m not sure how many words the message space allows.)



1: No full-frontal nudity in art and no sex in stories. Why? Because not everyone enjoys that and we’d like to keep it clean for all our fans.

2: It doesn’t have to be great. If an effort was made, it counts. (But please self-edit. Reread your story and fix mistakes to make it easier to read.)

3: You MUST submit an art or story through the ALiP contact form by JUNE 30th in order to be eligible to win.


Okay, I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to come up with something original. Last time we had our competition, Becca rewrote a scene from ALiP, but with her own characters added in. SO!!!!


Pick a favorite scene from A Lesson in Patience and rewrite it as if your character had been there! (Doesn’t have to be a full chapter, just a scene you loved.)

For art: draw a moment from your favorite scene.

You do not have to follow the prompt. Be creative and have fun. But sometimes the muses aren’t talking, so feel free to use the prompt.



First place: Your OC featured in an ALiP holiday short of your choice! Pick your favorite holiday!

Second Place: Your choice of either an art by Soule or a story by Shaymed!

Third place: You get whatever second place did not choose.




-Plot Structure: Was the plot exciting and did you genuinely enjoy reading the story? Did it follow a good line or did it make little sense and jump around too much without taking into consideration previous events? Were problems resolved well or in a way that seemed obvious or contrived?

-Characters&Development: Were the characters memorable and realistic? Could you easily imagine the characters being portrayed or did you have a hard time picturing them and finding them believable?

-Flow: Did the piece read well? Did you find yourself easily following the plot and writing or was it hard to read and understand?

-Descriptions&Scenery: How was the overall feeling of the world that had been created, was it exciting and vivid or lacking in detail and attention?


-Creativity: How much thought was put into the piece? Did they think outside the box?

-Theme: Does it conform to the terms of the competition? Is it related to A Lesson in Patience?

-Effort: How much time was put into the piece? Did the artist actually try? (AKA: are you staring at stick figures?)



-60% of the winner shall be determined by the contest’s appointed judges.

-40% of the winner shall be determined by the results of a public poll using Facebook emojis for voting.