A Lesson in Vengeance

“The Prophet did not tell us that there would be a demon hunter,” The large owl growled with annoyance. “Is he trying to get him killed?” The rider wrinkled her nose in disgust mirroring the owl’s annoyance.

“I will do no such thing, Prithivi,” the elf scoffed. “I will be on my best behavior. The Crest of the Lightborn is much more important than my personal grudges.”

The bird made a sound that mimicked a sigh. “That is why I am here, Nephelle”.

“Do not call me by my given name,” she reminded the Druid.

Without another word the rider hopped off into a free fall, levitating herself halfway down before landing gracefully in the arena where the mage and demon hunter stood. Her eyes never leaving the demon hunter while Prithivi landed softly beside her and shifted into a Troll. The pair regarded the new arrivals curiously.

“We’re here under the orders of Prophet Velen to aid Khadgar’s apprentice in gaining favor with the Valajar, would that be you?” the Druid inquired. “I am Prithivi, The Dreamer, Archdruid of the Dreamgrove. My companion here is Faie.”

The demon hunter hunched over and let out a barking laugh. “You come in here with this regal introduction and all you can offer your companion is a word? Hah! That’s hilarious.”

“Grim, shut up,” the hooded figure admonished her partner. “Yes, I am Anarchaia, apprentice to Khadgar, but please call me Ana. This is Grimory. He’s often very rude,” the flustered mage shoved the Grim to the side. “It’s an honor to be accompanied by The Dreamer.” She gave an awkward half-bow. Behind Anarchaia, Grim continued to double over with laughter.

“Do you find my name so funny, scum?” Faie growled. “I find titles to be unnecessary, similarly unnecessary to the existence of your kind.” She ended spitefully. Grimm’s laughter halted as he straightened, locking eyes with the Priestess.

“Unnecessary? I’ve sacrificed everything what have you-” The demon hunter was quickly cut off as he dodged a pillar of light crashing down at him.

“I have given more than you will ever know,” Faie screamed.

“What the fuck?” He continued to dodge as Faie rained Holy Fire upon him relentlessly. Dodge after dodge, not a single pillar brushed his person. He began to laugh again. “You call this an attack,” he mocked. “You are nothing!”

“Look up,” Faie grinned. Grim had but a moment to look to the sky before the Cascade of Light came crashing into him from every direction, burning and battering his body. Ana screamed and cast a panicked glance at Prithivi who only shrugged. The fight was not over. Grim bounced to his feet, claws ready and charged at Faie. Faie crushed a feather in her palm and levitated out of the way to send another blast of holy energy into the demon hunter, knocking him flat on his face. Grimm moved his body with the attack, using the force to propel himself back to his feet. Kicking hard off the ground, Grimm snapped out his wings and took to the sky aiming at the priestess from above.

Faie’s attack had set her off balance as her feathered levitate skated her across the arena falling onto the short wooden barrier around the ring. Faie angrily dispelled her levitate and crushed another feather in her palm, speeding her back across the arena.

The priestess locked eyes with the skybound demon hunter and snarled. She could not reach him from this distance and knew Prithivi would not come to her aid. Grim set into a dive, shooting eye beams at his opponent. Faie dodged each one with increasing difficulty, crushing her last feather. The onslaught did not stop and Faie could no longer keep up. A blast of Fel Fire burned away the robes around her leg, all the way to her waist. The Fel Fire singed her skin. Panicked, Faie extinguished the fire and inspected her wound; the demon’s fire causing her skin to fester already.

She weighed her options, she knew if she pushed this fight any further, Prithivi would step in and put an end to this. However, her pride and her need for vengeance went deeper than her fear of the Archdruid stepping in.

The priestess slammed her hands on the ground and a shield of light surrounded her. Grim laid eyebeam after eyebeam to the shield but it would not give. Beautiful music began to permeate from the light bubble Faie had created. Thalassian lyrics began to make Ana’s head swim, she had never heard a song so beautiful. Prithivi stiffened, a scowl forming on her face.

Giving up on attacking from a range, Grim finished his dive taking the light shield head on. Again, the shield did not give. The music grew louder; Grim became more desperate in his attempts reach the priestess. Suddenly the music cut off, the priestess had ceased her Hymn after ensuring her wound had healed. The shield of light dropped and Ana gasped. Faie had emerged as if she had been made of light, beautiful golden wings of light delicately floated the priestess inches from the ground.

“You know nothing of sacrifice mutt,” she wailed. “Illidan and all of his dogs do not deserve to roam free, not after all you’ve done. Not after the suffering my people endured at the hands of your master. I will end you here and now, Demon Hunter and I will come for your master next. I will kill your entire faction of demon stench. GLORY TO THE SIN’DOREI.” Prithivi began her casting, ready to restrain the enraged priestess.

“Did someone say kill?” A female voice called merrily from the forest. “I want in, I want in, I want iiiiiiin~” The voice was getting closer, faster. Behind the group, a plate clad blood elf shot from the trees, axe in hand aiming for Faie’s skull. “Wheee,” the new comer squealed with glee.

The unexpected newcomer had broken Faie’s concentration causing her Apotheosis to fade. Along with Apotheosis, her anger had faded, too. She cast a shame filled glance at Prithivi who returned a disappointed scowl. She had lost control, just as Prithivi told her she would.

“For fucks sake, Gods I’m so sorry, ALISBETH,” A taller elf admonished from the trees, chasing after his companion. Alisbeth ignored his command and followed through with her swing. Faie had rolled out of the path of the axe where a surprised demon hunter took the axe deep into his shoulder. He wailed while jerking it out of the wound and throwing it to the side. He fell to his knees.

“Grimory!” Ana screamed, running to her companion’s side. After inspecting the wound and handing Grim a healing potion, Ana sighed. “This is what you get for picking fights with the new comers, Grim,” She chided.

“She came at me!” Grim retorted. From the corner of his eye, he could see the new attacker bounding happily after her discarded axe. “And then that one showed up.”

The male elf that had been accompanying the gleeful attacker signed and ran his hands through his hair. “That… that is Alisbeth. She… she’s Alisbeth.” He finished. “My name is Koltiras and we have come to join you in Stormheim if… you would have us,” he hung his head.

An awkward silence fell upon the group as Alisbeth skipped back toward them axe at the ready. Koltiras confiscated the weapon and gave Alisbeth a stern look, the latter casting her gaze at the ground like a punished child. Ana shifted uncomfortably and readjusted the papers in her hand.

“Ahem.. Um, well, er.. If you would like to accompany us, we would like to test out your combat abilities. This journey is going to be very dangerous and we may not be able to cover each other,” Ana rambled.

“I could start a demon hunter suit with this!” Alisbeth wraps a shred of skin from Grim over her forearm. “On guard!” She holds out the flesh-covered arm at Grimory. “Did you lose anymore? Can I have it? I can cut some—”

Koltira grabs the flesh and throws it on the ground. He wraps his fingers over the top of her breastplate and shoves her away to growl at her. “Alisbeth. You promised.”

Faie wandered over to the group, eyeing Grimory warily, her mouth pulled into a thin line. “I apologize for my outburst, we shall-” Faie paused, taking in Alisbeth with her eyes. Her hands dropped to her sides and she gasped. “Ali..” she whispered mournfully.

“Elley, is that you?!” Alisbeth threw herself at the priestess squealing with glee. “Elley, it IS you.” Prithivi eyed the elf. She had nature magic stored up in her palm and was ready to set it free. “Oh Elley oh oh oh it’s been so so very long ohh!” Alisbeth continued.

Faie did not move. Her eyes cast away from the figure hugging and clinging to her. The rest of the company regarded her curiously. Only Prithivi stayed on guard. No one knew Faie by any other name. All of those who would remember are… dead. Realization washed over the Archdruid. Alisbeth was a Death Knight. Butchered and raised by the Lich King to be part of his army of the dead. Faie… no, Nephelle, knew her, and Alisbeth knew Nephelle in return.