Book 5 – Chapter Fifty

Docra looks up as the mage appears on her couch, her hands bound together. “I take it things didn’t go well. Your friends left without you, too.”

Kel’ori whimpers. “They called in a healer to kill my baby. But something happened.”

“Yes. It fought back. You should hurry before they get too far ahead of you.” The priestess unties her and holds outa handkerchief for her eyes and nose.

Too rushed to acknowledge the priestess, Kel’ori digs through her pack and grabs her hearthstone. “Bye Docra!” She concentrates and appears on the Vindicaar, then runs down to the mess hall. She grabs herself a meal, then sits with the others, still wiping at her tears. “Sorry I’m late.”

“Kel’ori,” Anarchaia says, somewhat surprised. “You’re…coming with?”

Grimory shifts uncomfortably, then stands to go fill an empty waterskin at the food line.

The blond mage furrows her brow. “I… Why wouldn’t I be? I have my assignment, same as you.” She purses her lips at Alisbeth. “Don’t even think about touching me.”

The death knight scowls. “You’ll just blow me up again.”


Taveth pats her shoulder. “She’s probably fine to come with us. We can always ask Thal for advice?”

Anarchaia shrugs. “Couldn’t hurt? …I think?”

The older mage scowls. “I’ll just stay back and out of the way, then. Be sure to tell Khadgar that I’m not the one trying to fail our team assignment.” She scoots away from the others and starts in on her meal.

She cringes at the mention of her teacher and sighs. “Y-yeah, okay. You can come, but you have to be careful. Though I’ve already turned in all the work I’d promised to…”

Taveth chuckles nervously. “I don’t think it’s up to you if she comes or not, is it?”

“It’s not,” Kel’ori snaps in a low voice.

“It’s not,” Anarchaia echoes. “But if she doesn’t, I’ll fail—”

Koltira lets out a long breath. “Now that we’re all here and behaving ourselves,” he stares pointedly at the three women, “I think we can get going. After your breakfast, of course.”

Anarchaia purses her lips at Koltira. “Behaving. Right.” She stands. “Let’s go. Pack up the rest of your breakfast and save it for rations.”

Alisbeth snaps to attention. “I’m behaving!”

Eophen chuckles anxiously and does as he’s told, leaving Taveth with the majority of the tray. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Why are you coming with us?” Alisbeth asks the draenei. “What did I miss? Are we just collecting people, now? Do I get to bring a buddy?” She directs her gaze to each of the others in turn.

Taveth purses his lips. “He’s a capable fighter. And he knows the technology scattered around the planet.”

“Plus, now that Gil is gone, he can assist with healing a bit,” Anarchaia says as she goes over her logs. Once up on the main deck, she lifts a hand and a swirling portal back to Mac’aree opens. “Did you have a buddy in mind you wanted to bring along?”

Kel’ori grumbles, taking her sweet time packing up her food. When she does, she falls in line with the others.

Eophen blinks down at the woman. “Do you not want me to come along? I can remain here if you would like.”

Alisbeth purses her lips. “I don’t have buddies.” She sticks her nose in the air and stomps through the portal. The death knight blinks and looks around. “Uhh… Africa! You sent us to the wrong place!” she shouts at no one.

Taveth shrugs and urges the draenei forward. “Really, just best to ignore her sometimes.”

Kel’ori steps to the other side and waits, chewing on bacon she’d packed for the road.

Koltira waits patiently with Anarchaia, then takes her around the waist to follow behind the last of the party.

Grimory elbows Alisbeth and gives a smile. ::I’m not your buddy?::

Alisbeth makes a face. “You’re already here. And you’re a little more than a buddy, don’t you think?” She scrunches her face in a grin and takes a horn in her hand as they walk. “Wasn’t I suppose to talk to Illijerk for you? Missed our chance. Too bad. So sad.”

Grimory narrows the eye on the side of the same horn. ::He wasn’t on the Vindicaar like I expected him to be. Must still be recovering from the whole ordeal.:: He shrugs a shoulder. ::Maybe it’s better be thinks I’m d—err…AWOL.::

Alisbeth purses her lips. “That means we can just run away after this, right?”

“Okay,” Anarchaia starts, a small smile beneath her mask. “When I got to the Vindicaar I was told Turalyon would give us directions at the—”

“Champions!” The High Exarch hurries over to them, flustered. “I’m glad you’ve returned! We have a problem. The Legion has come to Mac’Aree. When you claimed the Sigil it was as if we announced our presence to all of Argus. The eyes of Antorus are firmly upon us.

“Just wait. It gets worse,” he says when the smaller mage opens her mouth to interject. “Velen took Captain Fareeya and her forces into the Arinor Gardens area to search for the Crest of Knowledge. To my knowledge, they are all now behind enemy lines. Come with me to the Conservatory. We need to bring Velen and the others back before it’s too late.”

Anarchaia blinks, then inhales to talk again.

“Yes, at once High Exarch,” Eophen responds dutifully. “Lead and we shall follow.”

Koltira chuckles at the mage. “What were you trying to say?”

Anarchaia pouts, arms folded. “Oh, nothing.” She walks along at the back moodily.

Koltira wiggles his fingers against the mage’s ribs to tickle her. “Don’t lie to me.”

“I was going to offer to open a portal,” Anarchaia growls after a short burst of uncontrollable laughter, holding her side to avoid more tickles.

Eophen beams down at the High Exarch. “We restored the Conservatory not long ago. The path there should be relatively safe.”

Turalyon nods. “And you have my thanks. You all have done well so far. I’m sorry to have you walk such a distance on such short notice.”

Taveth follows behind at a small distance, sketching out Turalyon for the second time. By the time they reach the small eredari home, he nods and closes his book on the drawing.

The group enters the building and head to the back where Velen kneels over a child’s cradle, a small teddy bear nestled within.

“Forgive me, my son,” he says.

“Are you hurt?” Turalyon asks urgently.

“I am unharmed,” the Prophet says, standing. “Your arrival is timely.” He looks to each of them, directing slight nods to Eophen and Taveth. “We must find the Crest of Knowledge before Talgath takes it beyond our reach.”

Taveth narrows his eyes and opens to a clean page in his book to furiously write out any information Velen might give.

Turalyon scowls and lets out a small growl. “So he is here, then. I was afraid of this.” He turns to the others. “I will take command of Fareeya’s forces and we will escort Velen to the Crest of Knowledge. His mission must not fail. Talgath’s forces are numerous in the area. Please, find out how he is bringing them here and cut them off. All we need is time to get in and get out.”

“Easy enough,” Koltira says with a shrug.

Alisbeth raises her hand and bounces on the balls of her feet. When Turalyon blinks at her, she grins. “Will I get to kill things?”

He chuckles. “Preferably, yes.”

The death knight hisses a quick yes! and brings her fist down in excitement. “I’m gonna kill it all!” She turns and sprints for the door.

Turalyon blinks after her, then shakes his head and nods to the others. “We’re counting on you. Good luck.”

Grimory gives a silent chuckle and follows Alisbeth out the door. Guess Lord Illidan will have to wait.

Eophen nods and follows as well, hammer hefted over his shoulder but an anxiety hidden in his eyes. “Talgath is…not one to be trifled with.”

“Do you want to open a portal to the entrance?” Koltira asks, a sly grin on his face.

She folds her arms tighter and hums in thought. “Mmmno. No I don’t.”

Once outside and around back of the house, Taveth stops to sketch and observe the scenery. He notices three large devices spaced evenly across the cliffside. “You don’t suppose…”

“Well, only one way to fi—”

I’m gonna break em!” Alisbeth shouts over Koltira and runs forward. She engages the nearby eradari, shoving some away from herself and throwing one straight into the machine. “It didn’t work!” she shouts as the demon climbs out and leaps at her.

“Looks like a job for an engineer?” Taveth says to the tall draenei beside him.

Eophen nods and jogs ahead—stopping short of the emerald flames Grimory uses to knock the demon out of the air before it can reach Alisbeth—and drops his hammer to open the back panel of the construct. He pulls out the main circuitry and simply takes one of the chips from it. He leaves it hanging and does the same with the other two along their path, making sure to stay out of the way when his comrades defend him from encroaching demons.

Once the portals are all taken down, the party heads for the stairs wrapping around the sides of the raised dais. They reach the top of the stairs, where lightforged crouch behind a shimmering shield of Light.

“Come through!” one shouts as a demon runs screeching up the stairs behind them.

When their path is adequately carved, the draenei in their group runs forward to meet the Prophet. “Their forces have been diminished, Prophet.”

Alisbeth grits her teeth as the shield causes a quick bite of pain through her legs.

Koltira grits his teeth and reaches over to pull the mage up into his arms so the Light doesn’t touch her.

Anarchaia wraps an arm about the elf’s shoulders and hugs his bowed head with the other. “Thank you,” she says quietly into his ear.

Kel’ori shoves to the side of the stairs and covers her head as the vile fiend bounds to her. It passes and instead throws itself upon the shield, which causes it to shriek, before falling to the ground, dead. The mage swallows and looks down at her round belly.

“I…can’t go through,” she says as Eophen rushes over to speak with Velen.

Koltira gnashes his teeth together and walks back through the golden Light. He lifts her as he’d done Anarchaia, and carries her over, grunting at the pain stabbing through his lower body. He sets her down, then falls to a knee until the pain subsides.

Velen nods to the Lightforged, his gaze still fixed on a statue at the back of the platform. He waits until the others have caught up, then takes a heavy breath. “Thousands of years ago, when I was young, I made a choice… A choice that allowed my world to fall to ruin. A choice that made my people exiles… A choice…that forever separated me from my beloved brothers.” He sighs and closes his eyes as he remembers a moment from long ago. “I had hoped the others would see the darkness behind Sargeras’s words. But they were blinded by their vanity…their hunger for power. The ata’mal crystal soon showed me the horrible truth of what would come to pass if we accepted the titan’s offer.” He shakes his head mournfully. “We would be transformed not into wise leaders, but into hateful monsters.”

The others remain solemn as they listen to the prophet’s words. A portal opens near the edge of the platform and a great eredari steps out of it. He stands, as though waiting for something, as he fixes his hateful gaze on Velen.

The Prophet takes a breath and turns from the statue to glare out at the demon. “Talgath. There was a time I called him and ally. A friend. I put my trust in him…and gave him all that he needed to betray me and slaughter my followers. I do not know what brought this hatred to lurk in his heart, but his machinations repeatedly forced my people to flee world after world as he hunted us across the universe. This must end.” He sets his sights on each of the party in turn. “Talgath must die.”

“How unlike you, Velen, to stand your ground,” Talgath growls, a hint of amusement in his voice. “A welcome change of pace, to be certain.”

Valen purses his lips. “Talgath, we need not come to blows. I offer you one chance… Stand down!”

“More chances than I’d give him,” Koltira mutters.

“Still the pacifist, I see. Face me!”

Alisbeth unsheathes the Maw and grins. “Well, since you asked so nicely!” She runs forward to engage the eredari.

Both Eophen and Grimory nod at one another before following Alisbeth into battle.

Talgath gives a small chuckle at the incoming party. He swings one of his two blades at them, narrowly missing the death knight and Illidari, but ending against Eophen’s hammer, causing sparks to fly.

Anarchaia throws a shower of arcane projectiles over their target, making him hiss in pain and annoyance but he otherwise remains unwavering.

The demon sneers and leans back before kicking the draenei before him clear across the area. Eophen grunts as his armor screeches across the stone. Taveth rushes to the draenei’s side. “Are you okay?”

Tryxora pops out of thin air and immediately slaps her rear to control herself. “Don’t worry, master. I’ve got this.” She runs toward Talgath, unrolling her whip as she goes.

The high elf ignores her and instead busies himself with checking the man for injuries.

The death knights work together with Grimory to keep the demon otherwise occupied so the others remain out of harm’s way.

Eophen sets a hand on Taveth’s shoulder and gives him a smile. “I am fine.” He sits up and spreads a palm over his own chest. A bright light flashes and he returns to his feet. “Good as new.” He gives Taveth one last grin and runs to join the fight again, scooping his hammer up along the way.

Grimory brings up a defensive claw when a blade comes at him, but blinks when it’s stopped by the heavy end of Eophen’s hammer. He nods and slashes at Talgath’s knee while it is open for attack. The demon groans in pain and is forced to kneel, leaving him vulnerable to the rest

Talgath knocks the elves and draenei away from himself, then brings up a fel green barrier. “We will finish this another ti—”

“No,” Velen growls as he locks the demon in chains of Light that hold him to the ground. “This ends now. This is your end. If there is a shred of goodness left in you, you will help us find the Crest of Knowledge.”

Talgath says nothing, but glares down at the prophet. He sneers, then spits at the man’s feet.

Velen sighs. “I see. Safe journey, Talgath.”

A pillar of light shoots down from the sky onto the eredari. “Der’ek…manul…” he grunts as he falls to the ground, dead.

Velen blinks at the corpse. “Talgath’s words carry more gravity than I think he knew. In an attempt to hurt me one final time, he has given us the answer. The Crest is hidden away in the Seat of the Triumvirate…” He turns his gaze to the ruins of a grand building behind him. “And it is not unguarded. If my suspicions are correct, we may be facing a greater threat than any of us dared imagine: a dark naaru.” He nods to the others gathered around him. “Let us plan our next steps from the Vindicaar.” He nods to a lightforged mage, who opens a swirling portal to the ship.

Alisbeth frowns. “I’ve seen a dark naaru before. I…helped make it dark. They’re not easy to kill once warped to the void.” She casts her gaze to Grimory and grins. “This is gonna be so much fun!” She leaps through the portal back to the Vindicaar.

Grimory’s eyes widen beneath a furrowed brow as he watches her go. He casts a concerned glance to the others before following through.

Anarchaia chews on her lower lip in thought while watching the draenei and Nighthearts follow as well. “This sounds really dangerous,” she mutters to no one in particular, her quill scratching away beside her. “Naaru control a small amount of time and space around them. Ones overtaken by void could—ah! W-wait for me!” She scurries through the portal and into Eophen. “S-sorry. Heh.”

“It is no worry.” He smiles down at her.

“I will commune here with Alleria while you lot get situated to return. But do not tarry. We will leave soon.” Velen nods to them.

Kel’ori’s stomach moans gently as the group follows Velen up the ramp toward Alleria. She lets out an awkward laugh. “I need something besides bacon, I guess. I’m sure you guys have this under control.”

Taveth shifts and mumbles, “Someone did cut breakfast short…” He ducks his head to avoid backlash over his comment, and shuffles after his sister.

Alisbeth sneers at the mage. “Disgusting, filthy— Didn’t let my cousin eat!” She leaps at the undead, but Koltira moves into the way. “Nasty, nasty, monster!” she scrabbles to get around him, but he sidesteps each time, a bored expression on his face.

Grimory wraps a strong arm around Alisbeth’s waist and pulls her after the Nighthearts, the heels of her boots screeching against the metal floor.

Anarchaia scowls after the lot, squaring her shoulders after the terror of being lunged at subsides. “Well excuse me for wanting to get all this over with!”

Eophen’s hooves lightly tiptap as he catches up with Taveth and Kel’ori. “They do not get along well,” he says on a nervous chuckle. “Perhaps we should split into two groups?”

Alisbeth goes limp and frowns up at the draenei. “Arugula is my friend. What are you talking about?”

Taveth purses his lips as he’s forced to hold both his and his sister’s trays while she loads both of them with foods. “I won’t be eating all this,” he says.

“But I will! Seriously, this little devil just wants more every day, I swear.”

He bites his tongue against the words rising to the surface; ones he’s sure she’s heard from their eldest brother and their father.

Eophen furrows his brow down at her as they reach the table. “But you lunged at her with malicious intent?”

Grimory shakes his head at the draenei and sets Alisbeth in her seat. ::Stay here a moment, yeah? I gotta go talk with Lord Illidan.::

Alisbeth waves off the accusation. “I was teasing, she knows that. We’re great friends.”

The Nighthearts make it back to the table, Taveth carefully balancing the trays. “Decided to join us?” He smiles up at the draenei.

“Gimme.” Kel’ori takes her tray and sets it down, then seats herself and digs in. “Now you can make googly-eyes at your new boyfriend,” she mumbles through her food.

Taveth’s face flushes to a dark red and he shyly forces himself to sit at the table. “I-I have t-to update m-my journal, actually. Heh.” He retrieves said item and immediately buries himself in it.

Eophen gives an uncomfortable titter and sits across from the elf. He opens his mouth, but turns toward the doorway before any words come forth.

Uulora sets a hand on her brother’s shoulder. <<Father’s been asking a lot of questions. Not sure how much longer I can hold up.>>

Eophen frowns and sets his hand over hers as he stands. “I…may return,” he says to the elves and gives a strained smile before following his sister back into the hallway.

Taveth looks up just in time to give a small, nervous wave to the draenei’s back. He sighs and returns to his book. Once he finishes a drawing of a regular naaru, but filled in with ink, he turns the page to see elegant, urgent handwriting he recognizes as Anduin’s.

Do NOT continue with this mission! It is much too dangerous for my a scribe. Inform Velen I will send good soldiers to aid in the fight. Take care, Mr. Nightheart.

The elf blinks down at the message, smiling some at the scribbled out ‘my’. “I guess my work here is done.” He closes his journal and directs his attention to his meal.

“What?” Kel’ori asks.

“I’ve been ordered not to return to Argus, because of the dark naaru.”

She scoffs. “Lucky.”

Alisbeth scrutinizes her cousin. “How’d you get the orders?”

“In my book…”

Her eyes narrow further.

~ * ~

Grimory finds Illidan near the controls in a quiet chamber below decks. The demon lord sneers. “Silversong. I’d heard. It’s amazing you still breathe.”

The Illidari shrinks some at the attitude he’s given, but squares his shoulders all the same. ::I’m ready to—::

“And now you’re mute. The surprises continue.” He shakes his horned head. “Don’t worry about the Seat. I’ve appointed someone else for the mission. In fact, he’s been doing all your work since you were torn to shreds.”

Grimory furrows his brow, his face twisting in an incredulous scowl. ::Who?!::

“Oh! Hey, Grim!” a familiar voice says. Asheeda pats the other demon hunter on the back. “Good to see you up and about. His expression grows somber as he turns and bends at the waste to Illidan. “Lord Illidan. I hope—”

“I thought I sent for Asheeda,” Illidan says.

The elf stares wide-eyed at nothing, then composes himself. “I’m Asheeda…sir.”

“No. The girl… The alchemist. Fought the shivarra for her trial.”

“And used custom-made potions to melt my eyes, yes,” he says quickly.

Illidan stares in silence for several seconds, then shrugs. “If you think this is an improvement…”

Asheeda grits his teeth at the thinly veiled insult. “If you don’t mind, my friend would like to accompany me. She’s more than capable, I assure you.”

A disembodied laughter sounds behind Grimory before a finger jams into his new scars. Crorinu fades into view, a smirk tweaking her lips. “I was going to give you my standard greeting…but it looks like someone beat me to the punch. A lot.” She pats him on the rear and goes to the wall to pick dirt from under her nails with a dagger. “Trust me, Lord Illidan, I know how to get a job done.”

::You?!:: Grimory grunts when his scars are prodded, but the noise comes only as a pained sigh. He turns to scowl at the rogue, then tenses and flushes as his backside is touched. He growls silently and turns back to Illidan. ::But I can perform! I’m capable! Just silent—::

“I’ll take your silence as an admission of incompetence,” Illidan growls through a smirk. “Go heal and return when you can speak again.” He snorts a laugh. “If you ever do.”

Asheeda laughs and pats Grimory again. “Don’t worry your pretty little head about it, my friend. Nu and I will handle things while you get better.”

The rogue smirks and makes a kiss in the air at him.

Grimory scowls at them both, then Illidan, and quietly scoffs before turning and taking his leave back to the mess hall.

~ * ~

Koltira lets out a long breath and takes the mage’s hand. “Let’s go hear what Velen and Alleria have to say. Right?”

Anarchaia balls her fists, then nods and wraps her fingers around his hand. “Yeah. Yeah, okay.”

He gives her hand a quick squeeze. “Everything is going to be fine, Ana. Oh, look, Khadgar is here…” His voice falls as his mood grows more sour than usual. “Khadgar. Nice to see you, I suppose. Don’t worry, everything is under control here,” he says in a forced tone.

“No, it isn’t,” Archmage Khadgar says simply as he turns toward the two. “Alleria’s informed me of the current state of affairs. You, Deathweaver, may proceed back to the surface, but Anarchaia is to stay away from Mac’aree until I say otherwise. Of course that includes Kel’ori.”

Anarchaia blinks and straightens. “Wh-what? Why?”

“You know that the Naaru themselves are nothing to fret over, but one twisted with void is incredibly dangerous. Not only do they exude shadow energies but they warp time around them. And I needn’t remind you of the last time—no pun intended—you were left unattended around chronomancy—”

“I know—”

“And he’s not around to save you this time—”

I know!” She pauses to collect herself. “I’m sorry. I-I just—… I want to help.”

“Help yourself to the portal home, then,” Khadgar says, his voice stern but his eyes gentle.

The smaller mage deflates before ultimately nodding.

Koltira clenches his jaw against the rude things he’d like to say to the Archmage. Instead he turns to the mage. “Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. I’ll go back to Acherus and request aid in the mission. I’m sure Mograine would be interested in this development, either way.” He kisses her cheek and bends to test if he can summon a death gate. He shrugs when he is successful. “I honestly didn’t think that would work.”

Anarchaia gives the death knight a sad smile, then blinks as the gate rises. “Everyone can summon portals through space except me, apparently,” she grumbles after she’s properly kissed him goodbye. “Be safe, please,” she says quietly, her smile gone.


Koltira returns some time later, a frown on his face. He finds Anarchaia and goes to her. “Okay, first of all, I felt like I was falling for thirty minutes. Both ways. I’m never doing that again. Second of all—” he nods to a group of death knights as they pass, “the Deathlord is handling this one.” He motions at a figure in black armor, headed for the bridge. “Thass says hi and goodbye, if he dies out there. He and Mograine were hand-picked. I guess I’ve not spent enough time around Acherus to be deemed ‘good enough’ for the mission.” He growls in his throat as his pride takes the hit.

Anarchaia watches them go, then casts a look to her partner as she wraps her arms around his torso. “I’ll be honest, I’m glad you aren’t going. I know that’s selfish of me…”

The death knight purses his lips. “It is selfish. But I suppose I can forgive you for it.”

Anarchaia frowns up at him. “Well if not at least forgive me for not wanting to see you die… Again.” She blinks as Grimory moodily passes. “Everything all right, Grim?”

The Illidari, lost in his anger, ignores her and continues back to his seat beside Alisbeth.

The death knight frowns at the demon hunter. “What’s wrong? Oh, before you tell me, Taveth has a magic book that told him not to go back to the surface, so I guess the nerd is out.” She gives her cousin a playful wink. “So what’s got your panties in a wad?” She grins and pokes at him, trying to make him lighten up.

Grimory ignores the poking, glaring into the ether. ::I’m not going back, either. Lord Illidan put someone else on the assignment. Said I was incompetent.:: His fists clench ever so slightly on the tabletop. ::But whatever.::

Alisbeth shoots to her feet. “That asshole! I told you he’s a jerk. I’m gonna go give him a piece of my mind.” She stomps off to find the demon hunter lord.

Koltira leads Anarchaia to the others, leaning back as the other death knight stomps past. “We’ve been ordered away,” he announces.

Taveth nods. “As have I.”

Grimory’s eyes widen and he also jumps to his feet as Alisbeth trudges away. ::Ali, no!:: He grabs her by the arm when he catches up. ::Please. Just let it go, yeah? It’s not that big a deal.::

Anarchaia hums as she taps her chin. “I suppose this gives me time to compile my notes into a compendium.” She frowns. “Though, I’m kind of upset we don’t get to help. Who told you you’re off the case?” she asks Taveth as she sits beside him, leaning close and smirking. “Mr. Mystery?”

Taveth nods, blushing just slightly. “A dark naaru is not something a scholar should be trifling with. Someone is being sent in my stead. I’ll be informing Velen after I’m done eating, then we can go back to Azeroth.”

“Who’s being sent?” Kel’ori prods.

“Someone more equipped for the job, I presume.”

Anarchaia lifts a brow. “A scholar more well equipped than you?” She leans away again. “Can’t picture it.” She sighs quietly. “Maybe this is all for the best.”

Taveth shakes his head. “The time for research has passed. He’s sending…fighters, I suppose. I should go tell Velen to expect them. I’ll, um, see you later?”

Anarchaia blinks and watches him as he goes. “Uh…yeah. Give him our apologies, please. And let him know that if there’s anything he needs from us…”

Taveth nods and gives a small wave. “I’ll see you back in Dalaran.”

Koltira nods and heads for the portal.

Kel’ori jumps to her feet as she finishes her meal. “Wait for me!” She points up at her brother. “Say goodbye to Eophen for me.”

~ * ~

Alisbeth frowns and looks up into his eyes. “But you’re not incompetent.”

Grimory’s features soften and he sighs before running a hand through his hair. ::No. I am. But that’s okay.::

Alisbeth punches him in the pectoral. “No you’re not.” A grin suddenly spreads across her lips. “We can go do whatever we want, now!”

Grimory thinks for a moment before returning the smile. ::Yeah. We can. Let’s go spend more time with Diori, yeah? And…other things, of course.::

Alisbeth squeals at the prospects and grabs his hand, dragging him to the Dalaran portal.


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